Getting Started With Memcached Book is Published

It's been quite sometime since I posted on this blog, but don't get sad, this announcement is kinda special.

My first technical book Getting Started With Memcached just came out fresh form the oven a week ago.

Getting Started with Memcached

Table Of Contents

The book delivers a set of hands-on recipes for the impatient about integrating memcached into your product stack

  • Getting Started with Memcached
  • Basic installation of memcached on Ubuntu (Simple)
  • Basic installation of memcached on Mac (Simple)
  • Compiling memcached from a source on Ubuntu (Simple)
  • Talking with memcached (Advanced)
  • Setting up memcached to start on boot in Ubuntu (Simple)
  • Setting up distributed memcached (Intermediate)
  • Using memcached with PHP (Intermediate)
  • Using memcached with Python (Intermediate)
  • Using memcached with Ruby (Intermediate)
  • Using memcached with Java (Intermediate)
  • Setting up memcached support in Rails (Simple)
  • Setting up memcached support in Django (Intermediate)
  • Setting up memcached to support in Play (Intermediate)

I'm super excited about that mini book which you can grab a copy for you and your friends :) from PacktPub

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