About mobile application sign-ups and sign-ins

A few days ago I downloaded this brand new mobile app from Google Play! and when I started that freshly installed app, it asked me to sign up. I didn't think twice, I just switched to another app and never came back!.

Obviously, Signups/ins in mobile apps are much less convenient than in web apps, people normally hate to feed their emails and password on this touchy keyboard, it's just awkward!

Then I thought. "Why do we need signups/ins in mobile apps?!"

A very simple question then came up, 99.99999% of mobile users (especially smart phones) are single users, this means that it's only one person who is using the phone all the time, it's very weird to find a phone that's used by two guys!

Why can't I enter my information once, and all my applications simply access those info to know who I am? Think of single-sign-on for mobiles, I unlock my phone once and all apps magically get access to my name, email, photo. No authentication is needed per application, no password is shared between applications, the mobile phone authenticates on my behalf.

Wouldn't that be so cool?

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