My Startup Weekend Alex 2011 Experience

Startup Weekend Alexandria

"An extraordinary experience with the top-notch geeks in the city and nearby cities" - That was my definition to this event "Startup Weekend" after participating a few months ago in SWCairo, I was pleased to launch Fakkarny and very excited to meet the top-notch geeks. That experience changed a lot in the way I think about startups, teamwork, rapid development, pitching ideas in front of investors, and managing geeks :)

This weekend the same extraordinary event is taking place in Alexandria, and guess what, I'm a participant and/or mentor in that event. I've been helping out 4 teams as a mentor and/or technical guy and I'm very proud of this experience, I feel it's a life-changing experience to be able to push and support multiple teams and to witness the progress of every minute. Let me tell you more about those teams. خسسني is a collaboratively-generated idea between me and Mahmoud Metwally. An idea about building a social network for those who need to lose weight, physicians, gyms, and etc. The idea to build a network of supporters and helpers around you if you are into that mission-impossible plan, it let's you get the support from your friends emotionally and the support from physicians technically in the same place. With a plethora of tools to create goals, track them, and to make sure you are eating healthy food. ولاد البلد is an awesome idea of building a social network that brings locals and travelers into a place where they share questions, new places for outing or sightseeing. Just as any social network it is driven by the power of people, locals are the best to answer your questions about how to drive from a place to another, or what's the best meal you could have under 5$ in a city. It's an awesome tool for someone like me who travel a lot between cities and I'm sure you will love it!

1001 Inventions: An iPhone/Android game about the global educational initiative that promotes awareness of a thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements from Muslim civilization from the 7th century onwards, and how those contributions helped build the foundations of our modern world. A glimpse on the initiative is

Raga3holy: رجعهولي A team from Mansoura decided to write his first Android application to detect stolen smartphones, the phone reports his location, call log , and recent locations to the phone owner via SMS and/or 3g/wireless connection. Smart algorithms were designed to ensure that 90% of the times the device location can be detected and transferred to the web service.


The effect of every participation in this event will blow your mind away, super excitement is everywhere, energy is countless and the flow of ideas between team will make you happy being around such positive energy. I love Startup Weekends!

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