What if apple created a search engine?

What would happen if apple was to create a search engine?

  • They would call it iSearch
  • Steve jobs would come and say that they have "Reinvented the Internet", iSearch -- it changed everything!
  • Websites have to go through an approval process to be included in their search results
  • iSearch won't index any website containing Adobe Flash
  • A yearly subscription will be required to include your website in their search results
  • They will build an API for their search engine and the whole internet has to use it in order to integrate with the search engine
  • Websites must be optimized for iOS to be indexed
  • Apple would ship a hardware search device that uses iSearch service
  • Any website promoting Microsoft cannot - for technical reasons - be included in their search engine index

What do you have in mind for the new iSearch? :)

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